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2018 Fishing Season

Listed below are the seasons and pre-season predictions for the year. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife does its best in predicting fisheries. For the most part, using their "predictors" they are pretty spot on. For the 2018 angling year, there are outstanding fishing opportunites. I want to thank all of you who fished with me during my 21-year Oregon Fishing Guide profession. As demanding as this occupation is, I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't have a passion for guided fishing. I know 2018 offers you a great year. Read More...

Oregon Fishing

Oregon fishing offers unparalleled outdoor fishing experiences that can't be beat anywhere in the world.
Click to enlarge Oregon fishing offers unparalleled outdoor fishing experiences that can't be beat anywhere in the world.
As fishing fervor in Oregon expands, so does its opportunity. Once the world’s destination for salmon fishing, Oregon has diversified into seemingly limitless excitement as anglers learn the intricacies of its still unexplored frontiers. Though salmon remain the main focus of most destination anglers, sturgeon, trout, steelhead, tuna and rockfish have taken their seat in Oregon’s bountiful offerings for the Northwest angler.

New management policies in the northwest are only improving salmon and steelhead opportunity. Most recently, the states of Oregon and Washington adopted a sport-fishing priority for anglers on Oregon’s most popular river, The Columbia. Once home to tens of millions of salmon, dams and habitat modifications have changed this but on any given year, anglers can still expect ample opportunity for salmon or steelhead any week of the year. Runs are likely to only improve over time and if one species appears to be down, another becomes a niche for savvy anglers such as our Northwest’s fishing guides.

Whether you’re targeting 10-foot sturgeon in Oregon’s beautiful Columbia River Gorge or 40 miles offshore in pursuit of 20 to 30 pound hard fighting albacore tuna or any stream of bay in between for salmon or steelhead, Oregon should be a destination on every angler’s bucket list. The possibilities are next to limitless with over 110,000 stream miles and 1,400 lakes in the state. Most teem with one specie or another. Oregon is known for its pristine watersheds and healthy fish populations. Although the ocean is the most fertile, Oregon’s rivers and bays receive tens of thousands of salmon and steelhead back to them every month of the year, providing access by boat or bank.

Oregon Fishing Diversity

Oregon's mighty Columbia River sees returns of over one million salmon and steelhead annually. Oregon fishing offers the west coasts most productive rivers
Click to enlarge Oregon's mighty Columbia River sees returns of over one million salmon and steelhead annually. Oregon fishing offers the west coasts most productive rivers
Yes, anyone can catch a salmon or steelhead from Oregon’s vast system of streams or rivers but serious anglers can cut to the chase by hiring a local area fishing guide. Most guides are seasoned experts, expressing their passion for their sport over the revenue it affords us. Nothing pleases a guide more than imprinting the first tug-o-war between angler and fish. We’re proud of the natural resources we have here and we’re happy to share it with any visitor. Our guests often become life-long enthusiasts that come back year after year in order to do battle with one of the Northwest’s most premier sport fish.

Oregon is home to some of the most renowned fishing destinations. The Rogue, Deschutes, Umpqua, Wilson and Nestucca Rivers may be most known for steelhead, hosting movie stars and presidents throughout the ages. The Nehalem, Trask, Chetco and Siuslaw have some of the largest runs of huge fall chinook in the lower 48 states. The famed Columbia River, home to the tastiest salmon in the world, the spring chinook, boasts the largest return of chinook salmon in North America. Once an Oregon angler, always an Oregon angler as we natives say.

Oregon Fishing Excitement

Oregon’s motto, “She flies with her own wings,” speaks volumes as to the people you’ll experience here. We’re an independent people but realize the need for interdependency. Our guides work together in achieving a common goal; keep people coming back to Oregon. You’ll note a sense of cooperation between our guide fleet as we pursue salmon, steelhead, sturgeon and other species on our vast waterways. We have eyes on every part of the river and we utilize them to the best of our ability. We’d be lost without that sense of team play and it best works out for our customers to ensure a memorable experience for everyone.

Anglers often come to Oregon for more than just their quarry. In the summer and fall, Oregon can often be one of the most beautiful regions in the United States with moderate temperatures on the coast while in many other areas of the county, the ground is scorching. Oregon’s best kept secret is September and October. This is when the multitudes of visitors head back home to put their kids back in school and return to their work routines. It’s also when Oregon’s largest salmon return to their freshwater environments and calm seas greet willing harvesters. And just to prove all that Oregon has to offer, we’re putting together a very unique package for the determined angler. Here’s just one example of what the possibilities can bring:

With the Columbia River a prime destination for sportanglers, we’ll focus on this magnificent river’s systems and the hundreds of thousands of salmon and steelhead that it produces. From the desert to the sea, you’ll experience what makes September Oregon’s most exciting month for the outdoor sportsman. Although your hosts can never control how well the fish respond or the weather conditions, it’s unlikely that the guest wouldn’t go home without a large harvest from these waters during this most bountiful time of year.

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